Local Organizing Committee

Advisor Azad Hassan Abdul Razack
Chairman Shanggar Kuppusamy
Scientific Program Chair Khairul Asri Mohd Ghani
Finance Chair Rohan Malek
Publication Committee Chair Susan Woo Yoke Yin
Poongkodi Nagappan
Ong Teng Aik
Masterclass Chair Vijayan Manogran
Social Program Chair Amit Kumar Sharma
Urology Nursing Program Chair Khatijah Abdullah
Ahmad Nazran Fadzli
Youth Program Chair Ngoo Kay Seong
Endourology Night Coordinator Git Kah Ann
Members Khor Tze Wei
Chan Siew Hong
Selvalingam Sothilingam
Toh Charng Chee

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Disclaimer: Whilst all efforts are made to ensure that the information in this announcement is correct, amendments may be made due to unforeseen circumstances. The organising committee will not assume any responsibility for accidents, losses or damages as well as for delays or modification in the programme.